Storytellers of our tribe

I say this quote a few days ago and thought how well it fit my idea of genealogy and family history.

Family history shouldn’t be just the names, dates and places of our ancestors, if that’s all we wanted then a simple time line would suffice. World history would be very boring if it was only a time line of dates and places. But when we discover the people behind the names, see pictures of the places, and learn the historical events around the dates; then we begin to breath life into our ancestors and put flesh back on their bones.

What occupations are listed for your ancestors in the census records? Don’t know what a cainer is? find out at this here, strange occupations.

What historical events happened during their lifetimes? This timeline can give you lots of information.

Google maps and Google images are wonderful ways to see the places our ancestors lived. Go to to find out how to map your ancestors.

I hope you use these resources to become the storytellers of your tribe.

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